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Another Successful Season Comes to an End

As the curling season comes to a close, it's time to start thinking about putting away those sweaty clothes and curling equipment for the summer. The Simcoe Curling Club has had another fantastic season, and we want to thank everyone for your dedication and support.

Now, it's time to clean up and prepare for next season.

On Wednesday, April 12th, our season came to a close with the Mix Competitive League finals. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all for a great curling season.

A Flight - 2023 Mixed Competitive Club Champions

Team Throop - Brian Vanhooren, Kayla Bower-Husul, Sarah Throop, Scott Rymer 

B Flight Winners

Team Mitchell - Mac Mitchell, Dave Fess (spared for by Mike McCarroll), Mary Burnie, Krista Thompson

C Flight Winners

Team Ward - Randy Wiepjes, Deb Depaepe, Angela Wiepjes, Aaron Ward
Last night saw the conclusion of the Open Competitive League's season. Congratulations to the winners for their respective flights.

  A Flight Winners - 2022-2023 Club Champions

Team Walker - Any Elkin (second), John Vallee (vice), Dave Walker (skip), Bob Walker (lead)

B Flight Winners - Team Wood

Denis Grasis (lead), Brenda Vittie (second), Brian Vanhooren (vice), Scott Wood (skip)

C Flight Winners - Team Holstein

Grant Burr (lead), Moe Dorie (second), Jim Simmons (vice), Chuck Holstein (skip)

D Flight Winners - Team Lane

Brooke Morris (lead), Angie Lane (skip), Angela Wiepjes (vice), Jennifer Montgomery (second)
Thanks again to all the teams for a great season. Enjoy the off season and see you back on the ice in October.

Centre Piece
The Newbie – Host / Guest Bonspiel – “CASINO ROYALE” was held on Saturday, March 25th with 8 Newbie Teams and 8 Host / Guest Teams each playing 2 games on the ice and several off the ice.

Prizes were awarded to the Newbie Winners – TEAM SANDIG – Marty and Jody Sandig, Dave Pickering and Lori Shortill;

Host-Guest Winners – TEAM FESS – Dave Fess and Craig Thompson with Guests Andy and Amanda Van Ryssel

Draw to the Button needed a ‘Photo Finish’ as the winner, Scott Wood, covered the Pin winning his team some gift cards. The Newbie winner, Brad Pepper had a very close draw earning his team some cards as well!

The Club was decorated with a Casino Royale sign, Dice and Card centre pieces and part of the gift bags included some ‘poker chip cookies’.

The Horse Racing Game run by Dave Snively was a huge hit with the ‘gamblers’ and especially with the volunteer riders. Poker chips were provided for all games (Over & Under, Crown & Anchor and Horse Racing) and were handed in for Raffle Tickets for the amazing, donated gifts.

Although no costumes were required, we were happy to have our much needed “SECURITY TEAM” – Tessa Pepper, Colton McLeod and their guests Travis Walker and Austin Lamb who kept the rowdy group under control. As well, we had the “Tuxedo Throw Downs”, the Betting Babes and some High Rollers.

The Food by Debbie Moffat was amazing; The Bar Service was second to none by Craig and the Ice was completed expertly by Kevin.

There were too many donations for raffle gifts to list here, but a special thank you has been sent out to the Club Members who donated items or participated in obtaining donations, as well as friends, family and work contacts!

Cathy Field & Brian Vanhooren with assistance from Dave Snively, Samantha and Emilee Jarvis and Alexa Regier.

We are looking for some people to run this bonspiel – please let us know if you are interested!

CCAA FanshaweCongratulations to Nicole McClennan of the Fanshawe Falcons Women's curling team on her third appearance at the national level! The team recently competed at the OCAA Provincial Championships and secured a spot at the CCAA Curling Canada Championships. Despite their strong efforts, the Falcons Women's team was unable to advance to the medal rounds. The team did, however, win the provincial bronze medal, which is an impressive accomplishment.

Some might recognize Nicole, as she's a valued member of the Simcoe Curling Club. In addition to her collegiate endeavors, she also competes in both mixed competitive and mixed doubles leagues.


Recently, the Norfolk County Agricultural Society has put up "No Parking" signs along the commercial building to the north of the curling club. Please refrain from parking in that area.

However, parking is still available on the north side of the club, near the entrance. Kindly observe that some parking spots along the north wall are reserved for the Norfolk County Agricultural Society office staff.

The parking lot to the west of the curling club is still available.
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30+ Grade 7’s and 8’s from Walsh Public School chose to try curling as their “March elective”. We welcomed them to the Club for the first of their 3 visits on March 3rd.
Thank you to the curlers who came out to help these young people learn how to play the game we love. We’ve already had feedback on how much it was enjoyed by the students!
This weekend the Simcoe Curling Club will be hosting the Mixed Doubles Provincial Qualifier. 8 teams will compete for the opportunity to play in the Mixed Doubles Provicial Finals.
We have two local teams competing for this opportunity.
Team John Vallee and Sarah Throop
Team Andy Elkin and Angie Lane
The first round of games will commence at 10AM on Saturday February 11,2023. 

Saturday Games 

      10am ,1:30 pm, 5pm, 8:30pm

Sunday Games

       9am, 12:30pm, 4pm  

Come on down to the club to support our local teams and watch this fast paced, exciting version of curling. Good luck to both our local teams.
Game schedule with Teams can be viewed at 2023 CurlON Mixed Doubles Provincial Qualifer 'C'
After 'stacking the brooms' in Simcoe on Tuesday, Jan. 17, Scottish and Canadian curlers enjoyed a dram of whisky, an old Scottish curling tradition. Clockwise from bottom left are Mike Davis, John Stevenson, Willie Paterson, Iain Buchanan, Derek Sutton, Alastair Fyfe, Mike Cobb and Rob Inglis.
After 'stacking the brooms' in Simcoe on Tuesday, Jan. 17, Scottish and Canadian curlers enjoyed a dram of whisky, an old Scottish curling tradition. Clockwise from bottom left are Mike Davis, John Stevenson, Willie Paterson, Iain Buchanan, Derek Sutton, Alastair Fyfe, Mike Cobb and Rob Inglis.


Perhaps the highlight of Tuesday’s curling at the Simcoe Curling Club was the stacking of the brooms.

It’s a tradition during the Strathcona Cup, which is played every five years alternating between Canada and Scotland since 1903, for curlers to take a short break midway through their eight-end games.

“Back in the day, outside, the brooms were always stacked like this,” said Scottish second Ian Duffin, a member of the club council from the Broomhall Curling Club, which was founded by Victor Alexander, the 9th Earl of Elgin in 1880, in the Fife region, north of Edinburgh.

“You stack the brooms, halfway, come off the ice, and share a dram… it’s as simple as that,” said Duffin, who was playing on a team with skip Neil Murray, third James Young and lead Drew Paton. “It’s a very Scottish tradition. A good single malt whisky.”

Rotarians revive decades-long tradition put on ice by the pandemic

Anna Martin had barely crossed the threshold of the Simcoe Curling Club before someone handed the curler from Perth, Scotland, a nip of Scotch.

When she was offered a refill shortly thereafter, Martin began to suspect a plot.

“They try to fill us with as much food and drink so we’ll be absolutely useless on the ice,” she said with a smile. “And we do the same when they come back to us.”

Martin led a group of 16 Scottish curlers in a bonspiel against a team from Simcoe on Thursday in the latest edition of the Scotland Canada Rotary Curling Tour.

The curlers are piped onto the playing surface.

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