Simcoe Curling Club rink takes home the 🏆 at the 2024 Motor City Open!
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The Alymer Curling Club recently journeyed back to the vibrant 1960s with their Hippie-Dippy 60's Bonspiel. SCC Ladies team embraced the era, sporting tie-dye shirts, headbands, bell-bottom pants, and peace signs to fully immerse themselves in the theme.
One of our members, Nicole McClennan (middle), is participating in the 2024 CCAA Curling Canada Championships in Fredericton, NB. Apart from playing in the mixed competitive and mixed doubles leagues at SCC, she is also a member of the Fanshawe Falcons Women's curling team.
You can find more information at https://www.curling.ca/2024college/
We wish her and the team the best of luck this week! 🥌
CCAA Fanshawe
As we skillfully slide another stone to the button this curling season, a quick heads-up about parking to keep the game flowing smoothly for everyone.reminder

20231210 123459Please be aware that there is absolutely🚫NO PARKING along the south side of the Commercial Building.

If you choose to park on the north side of the curling club building, bear in mind that the assigned parking area concludes at theElectric Pole  Icon hydro pole near those double doors on the north side. Anything beyond that point is strictly reserved for the Norfolk County Agricultural Society's parking.

🚫No PARKING signs were also posted outside the main entrance. This is to make sure Emergency Services has adequate room to enter the premises.

🅿️ There is ample parking available west of the building in the large parking lot. Feel free to use this space. Please ensure you choose a designated parking area when entering the facility to avoid any loss of available parking spaces.

Congratulations to Sarah and Rachel Nichol for scoring a 6 ender in their Mixed Doubles game last night.
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curling stones remanufactured stones 04
Over the weekend, while performing ice maintenance, the crew applied a more aggressive texturing process to the rocks than the previous ones this season. As a result, there may be more curl in the stones when returning to the ice. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust your broom accordingly.
For more info about texturing, check out https://youtu.be/5eZy5RULzKE?si=8HazWOcPUPWSjhuv&t=220
Good curling!
The Ice Team
Last night, during Mixed Competitive League play, Team Inglis scored an Eight Ender (8-Ender) in the 3rd end of their game.
Congratulations Team Inglis for this rare accomplishment and welcome to the 8-Ender club.
Rob Inglis (skip)
Angela Wiepjes (vice)
Randy Wiepjes (second)
Deb DePaepe (lead)



Project Description

Raise funds to replace capital assets required for curling operations.

The proceeds from this fundraising will be
used for the following cause(s):

To replace capital assets required for the ice and lounge areas that have exceeded their useful life.

How this project will assist in promoting
or developing amateur sport on a national

This project will ensure the Simcoe Curling Club will be able to operate for future years, allowing members to continue curling and participating in this sport.



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