An Eight Ender (8-Ender) is an end where all eight stones score for one team.  A very rare occurrence indeed and something worth mentioning.

The Ontario Curling Association offers recognition to OCA registered members, in the form of pins, for men's, women's, mixed, junior and bantam teams who have achieved an eight-ender.  Please visit the OCA Website for more information on submitting your information and claiming your bling.

Below are members of the SCC who have succeeded in the elusive 8-Ender.
Congratulations to all and great curling!

Date Skip Vice Second Lead
March 15, 1965 William McDowell Ken Smith Jack Woodrow Don McArthur
1966-67 Season Lillian Mayers Bonnie Bollert Ruth Collins Veda Swanton
February 28, 1985 Dave Reid Ian Macaulay Russ Hare Bob Cunningham
1994-95 Season
Hank Brodie
Art Scott
Mike Valencic

January 24, 2011 Brian Dodge Eddy Sharp Ian McMillan Scott Wood
February 10, 2011 Hal Peets Bill Smitchuk Neil Pankhurst
 January 11, 2016 Dan Heffernan Jake Ireland Jason Dunn Peter White
Date /
Skip Vice Second  Lead
1965-66 Season
Brant Curling Club
Mrs Ross (Rita) Parker Mrs George (Nellie) Culver Mrs George (Flossie) Snyder Mrs M.H. (Billie) Alway
1968 Season
St. Thomas Curling Club
William McDowell Dot McDowell Bob Freeman Irene Freeman
April 9, 2011
Brantford Golf & Country Club
Patii Pepper Mary Reid Deb Moore Linda Sharp