CASINO ROYALE Bonspiel at the Simcoe Curling Club ROCKED IT…shutting the power down in the process

Centre Piece
The Newbie – Host / Guest Bonspiel – “CASINO ROYALE” was held on Saturday, March 25th with 8 Newbie Teams and 8 Host / Guest Teams each playing 2 games on the ice and several off the ice.

Prizes were awarded to the Newbie Winners – TEAM SANDIG – Marty and Jody Sandig, Dave Pickering and Lori Shortill;

Host-Guest Winners – TEAM FESS – Dave Fess and Craig Thompson with Guests Andy and Amanda Van Ryssel

Draw to the Button needed a ‘Photo Finish’ as the winner, Scott Wood, covered the Pin winning his team some gift cards. The Newbie winner, Brad Pepper had a very close draw earning his team some cards as well!

The Club was decorated with a Casino Royale sign, Dice and Card centre pieces and part of the gift bags included some ‘poker chip cookies’.

The Horse Racing Game run by Dave Snively was a huge hit with the ‘gamblers’ and especially with the volunteer riders. Poker chips were provided for all games (Over & Under, Crown & Anchor and Horse Racing) and were handed in for Raffle Tickets for the amazing, donated gifts.

Although no costumes were required, we were happy to have our much needed “SECURITY TEAM” – Tessa Pepper, Colton McLeod and their guests Travis Walker and Austin Lamb who kept the rowdy group under control. As well, we had the “Tuxedo Throw Downs”, the Betting Babes and some High Rollers.

The Food by Debbie Moffat was amazing; The Bar Service was second to none by Craig and the Ice was completed expertly by Kevin.

There were too many donations for raffle gifts to list here, but a special thank you has been sent out to the Club Members who donated items or participated in obtaining donations, as well as friends, family and work contacts!

Cathy Field & Brian Vanhooren with assistance from Dave Snively, Samantha and Emilee Jarvis and Alexa Regier.

We are looking for some people to run this bonspiel – please let us know if you are interested!

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