Grand Mixed - In Club Bonspiel November 22 & 23, 2019

Ebony & Ivory Grand Mixed Bonspiel 

Join us in celebrating the 35th annual Grand Mixed Bonspiel this year on November 22 and 23! The theme (if you haven’t guessed already) is Ebony and Ivory. The Mix and Match part basically stands for what the whole bonspiel is about.

The bonspiel consists of three eight-end draws….one on Friday night and two on Saturday. Here’s where the Mix and Match part comes into play. After four ends, teams switch ice and curl against another foursome. Teams are reconfigured for every draw. So, last draw’s teammate is often this draw’s competition. The fun is in the mixing and matching and when the dust is settled, and the shots switch from the rink to the bar, each individual’s score is precisely calculated. AND everyone gets a prize!

Light refreshments after the Friday draw are available, plus an light breakfast on Saturday morning; then lunch after your Saturday morning draw, followed in the evening by a lovely dinner when we can all relax and enjoy the camaraderie of the event. (And receive your prizes)

The GRAND MIXED continues to be a superb kick-off to our spiel season and is a great way for our newer members to meet others, as well as for everyone to reconnect early in the curling year. Sign-up sheets will be available at registration in October. So, start digging out your ebony and ivory duds.


Draw Times:

               FRIDAY         5:30 pm and 7:45 pm

               SATURDAY   9:00 am and 11:15 am

                                     1:45 pm & 4:00 pm

Meals:  SATURDAY   Lunch 12:00 & 1:30 pm – Roasted Red Pepper Soup, Rustic Grilled Cheese, Relish Tray, Ice Cream

                                    Supper 7pm – Spinach & Raspberry Salad, Beef Medallions & Bourbon Cheese, Roasted Potatoes, Baked Winter Vegetables, Ebony & Ivory Parfait                                                      

 Price:    $60 per person

                $35 supper only – sign up required

                $30 curl only

Questions:  Gail Stephen 519-582-3228

                     Ruthanne Carlyle 519-428-3153

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