You have joined a growing number of Canadians who have decided to:

  • enjoy the sport and strategy of the game
  • expand their social network
  • get some exercise
  • have some fun

It is a known fact that Canadian winters are shorter for curlers!

This booklet is intended to provide you with information that will enable you to quickly feel at ease with the etiquette and basic rules of curling.  The Simcoe Curling Club is a member of CurlON  formerly the Ontario Curling Association (OCA) and complies with their standards and rules. The current CurlON representative is listed within the Club Executive.

The Simcoe Curling Club welcomes members who have physical and visual limitations.  You will see our club members using stabilizers, delivery "sticks" and other equipment intended to improve their abilities and to reduce stress on hips, knees, etc.  There are a number of club members who would be happy to offer you information and instruction regarding these aides.  Please feel free to ask for their advice and assistance.

The SCC provides an annual "Learn to Curl" series intended for those new to the game or those who wish to review current techniques.  In addition to instruction, participants will play in a Learn to Curl (LTC) league.  The LTC is in the first draw and participants are able to join a regular league in time for the start of the second draw.  Sign up for this highly successful program at Registration Night or contact the club through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Curling Calendar for the SCC is an excellent reference and provides dates for all the curling activities, bonspiels, clinics, draws and social events of the curling season, along with the names of your curling club executive.

Curling has often been referred to as a "Gentleman's Sport", quite like golf, as there are more courtesies to the game than actual rules.  Most curling matches are played without referees... only when play progresses into advanced "play down" levels do you typically see referees overseeing a game.  For the most part, players monitor themselves and "confess" their infractions of the rules.

Two small booklets that will be informative for you are "Touch the Rock" and "Curling 101-How the Game is Played-The Simple Version", both available from CurlON

The CurlON rule book is available on-line, at the above web-site, and there is always a copy in the "Hogged Rock Lounge" area at the club.

Let curling Rock your World at the Simcoe Curling Club this winter!

On behalf of our members, we wish you a warm welcome and "Good Curling"

Board of Directors, Simcoe Curling Club


Download your copy of the Good Curling Guide here.

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